About the Team

Jeannie (jeaboo1):

Hey Guys!

I’m Jeannie AKA Jeaboo1. I am the mind child behind the Fandom for Mental Health. It took a family tragedy for this idea to come about. My 18 year old cousin committed suicide on February 14th. After learning of his death, I found out he had been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder many years ago. He was very private about this, never talked about it, and never allowed his mom tell anyone. Jordan was a bright young adult who loved to snowboard and to long board. He was always there for his friends and was incredibly funny.

I have never experienced pain like this before, and I never want anyone to have to experience it too.I have been apart of fandoms since I was 14 years old. Fandoms are powerful and can do so much! Every single person in this fandom has been touched by mental illness. This is something we should talk about! This is something we need to support!
So please, if you can donate, do!  If you can’t donate, please join the conversation.

Love and support,



Meagan (CupcakeDivaFF):

Hello you gorgeous person.

I’m Meagan a.k.a CupcakeDivaFF. To say I am excited and thrilled to be able to help with Fandom for Mental Health is a vast understatement. I can’t wait to see what amazing things our fandom can do for this cause.

So I’m supposed to write a little about myself, and I guess we should start at the beginning. It was a hot September night in 1986 when…jk.

Let’s get to the point. I have suffered from depression since 2009 when I graduated college. It was the height of the recession, and I couldn’t get anyone in my field to even look at my resume. I ended up working at a Buffalo Wild Wings (worst job I’ve ever had) just so I could pay some of those pesky student loans that started to roll in. In 2014, I started to have anxiety attacks along with bouts of depression. Neither of which is fun. My emotions were a mess- I’d be fine one minute and then in tears and so stinking angry the next. I hated it. My depression started to get worse because of the anxiety. I was able to take the first step and went to my doctor, who was a godsend, and he prescribed me a small dosage of medicine that keeps my anxiety at bay and also helps me to deal with my depression. I still have bad days, but they are few and far between.

Why am I telling you this? Easy. Mental health can affect anyone. It can affect that funny actor that always is making people laugh, it can affect the quiet kid who seems lonely, it can affect that loud blonde girl who just likes to be with her friends and have fun. Depression does not discriminate. Inevitably, when someone loses their battle with depression, the question is asked, “What did they have to be depressed about?” People don’t choose to be depressed. It doesn’t matter how perfect or privileged their lives may be, when you are in that dark hole, it doesn’t feel like you will ever get out.

By donating or even just helping us to promote this fundraiser, you are making a difference. By encouraging anyone in your life that may be fighting a battle with any mental illness, to talk to their doctor or go to a support group, you are making a difference. By telling your story to others, you are making a difference.


All My Love,




bornonhalloween (Kaye P Hallows):

When Jeannie told me she wanted to put together a compilation to raise awareness for mental health issues and then shared her cousin’s story, I was all in.  I’ve seen this fandom rally together to honor friends, to fight cancers, and to send relief to disaster zones across the globe. Something beautiful happens when we join together, and you can feel the momentum rolling through our Facebook group as people join and tell their stories.

I have my stories too, many of them turning the corner to happy endings, thanks to broader based treatments and understanding. We have a long way to go, and I’m excited to lend my support and a fic to be determined (!) to pull together our energy and talent and make a positive impact. We welcome you to join our Facebook group, create a story or poem if you are able, donate money if you can, tell your stories, give a hug or a hundred. Support and be supported, and let’s make a difference.






Hello, world.

 Packy aka Jen here.

 Let me start off by reiterating how extremely proud I am to be working alongside this lovely group of women to help provide education, awareness, love, comfort, and to just get people thinking and talking about mental health.

 Almost a year ago, one of my best friends ingested a poison and took her life. She had lost her fiancée (another great friend of mine) a year priorand silently suffered under the oppression of depression for the entirety of that year. In my country (Trinidad), there is so very little attention, if any, placed on mental health. To the point where I think most believe it to be a myth. On most days, I often wonder, had my friend been here, in the US, maybe she might have had access to the help she needed.

 This is why I feel so strongly that we need to use the wealth of resources we have available to educate people. There are so many places that don’t have this awareness, knowledge or assistance that can be so easily accessed. My hope is that this cause will be a beacon to someone drowning; too overwhelmed with depression or too ashamed to speak up about their suffering. It’s about time that we let people know that we are here for them. Listening. Comforting. Loving. Supporting. Understanding.

 Work with us in becoming advocates for mental health. Mental illness is a very real thing. It is hurting and taking lives. No one should turn a blind eye to that, and ignoring that it exists won’t make it go away or disappear. So please, support this cause if you can. Regardless if it’s a contributing story, a small donation, or just you sharing your experiences with us, your charity represents an unimaginable support, and could be the very thing that reaches out to someone who desperately needs it.

 All my love,

Packy (Jen)