Hello All,
Last week, I experienced something I never thought I would, my cousin committed suicide. He was a bright young adult with so much to live for. After learning of his death, I found out he had been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder many years ago. He was very private about this, never talked about it and never allowed his mom tell anyone.
His death brought up so many questions. Why are people afraid to talk about having a mental illness? Why is it so taboo to bring up the topic? Why do people suffer in silence? Most importantly, what can we do to help?

I decided something needed to be done and who better to help make an impact than this fandom. After enlisting Meagan’s help, Fandom for Mental Health was born.

A small donation of $10 is all we are asking. If you are able to give more, great! We have reached out to the many talented fandom authors and with their help, we will be creating an amazing compilation filled with one shots and outtakes featuring some of our favorite characters. Your donation will get you this compilation as well as the knowledge that you have made a difference!


6 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Thank you for this very worthwhile project. The timing of this is especially meaningful to me because March 30th is my “Re-birthday.” Meaning, it is the anniversary of when I tried to take my life when I was seventeen years old. All I remember of that time is waking in a hospital and being told that I had taken over 100 sleeping pills. I still don’t know what exactly drove me to that point.
    I don’t share this for sympathy, but to assure all those who might read this that a person CAN survive a suicide attempt. In the nearly 20 years since that day, I’ve graduated college (even though I was told my memory would never recover and I wouldn’t be able to function in school again), I started a career and bought my own home, and even got married (even though I never thought I would be lovable to anyone).
    What made the differences was my good fortune to have access to treatment and an incredible support system. My hope is that by giving to the Trevor Project and NAMI others may have a better chance at the same good fortune.


  2. I lost an aunt and uncle in the past 5 months to suicide. They were both older…I sadly wonder if someone will follow. I have a counselor and have talked to him in depth about it. It’s not uncommon when it happens in a family that it occurs again. That side of my family have never been ones to be optimistic in life, but never had hugely remarkable issues that were made known to us. I feel as if another shoe will drop. I live across country from them and I think as aweful as it sounds it is my saving grace.


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